Main Public Service Sector

The Main Public Service sector agreement covers 31,500 members in the public service. The agreement expired on March 31st 2022.

Educational Resources

Member Webinar (May 3, 2022):

0:00 - Introductory Comments
8:56 - Why are we taking a strike vote?
12:00 - When will the strike vote happen?
14:46 - Why is it important to vote in favour of a strike? Does that mean we will for sure go on strike?
17:53 - What could strike action look like?
20:54 - What about essential services negotiations?
24:24 - How much is strike pay? How is that determined?
27:55 - What if I am on STIPP or working remotely during the strike vote? What if I am on vacation or on STIIP during the strike?
31:18 - Where do we go to get further information?

Collective Bargaining 101 

0:00 - Determining Bargaining Priorities
2:21 - At the Bargaining Table
3:39 - Reaching Impasse: Escalation and Job Action
5:20 - Voting on a tentative agreement
6:20 - A Deal is Reached

Collective Bargaining 101 Poster

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Inflation Poster

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